Hey Ho Abbey Road

Let me share you some pics from my visit at Abbey Road Studios a few years ago for the ‘Recording The Beatles’ event inside Studio 2.

A got there by train (the fast one), got off at St Pancras station I believe and took the cab: ‘Abbey Road Studios please!’ . I always wanted to say that! (Nerd alert!)

The Fairchild compressor and early 60’s tape decks.


I believe Dark Side of The Moon is recorded and/or mixed on this one. I’ll take it.

The entrance is here!

Inside Studio 2…

Another early 60’s mixing/recording desk. At the event, they played the 4-track tape recording of The Beatles,  Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey (oh yes!) and various other really cool recordings, just right from the tape via this desk. That…was…awsome. Impossible to describe that feeling right there. Goosebumbs!

The wall for the fans, but not that one.

The stairs between the recording room to the control room. Is this the stairway to heaven?

The most hated place by local drivers…