About Me

Stevil Records – Recording Studio (Feb 2015 – …)

Building a recording studio.

The development of Recording and Mixing music kind of happened pretty natural when I was playing in the band Mint and really took off when I was unemployed in 2009. Nights we’re getting shorter and I invested in recording equipment. As the band went more and more DIY, my role in recording the music became bigger starting from the making of the album Hits From Her Laser (released in 2010).

This project was a great challenge in any way you can look at it. To get things done, to plan, to find the budget and to control it, to execute, realizing when you need to call for an outsource, find a balance between work vs family, to listen to your body and when it says stop, it really means… stop, when you fail, get up and do it different, do this again and again, until it works.

I would qualify this project a success if I finally manage to get the studio running – we’re almost there – and to make an album by myself. The rest is, to me, the cherry on the cake. So let us bake and eat cake!

As I may quote Steve Albini in last TapeOp’s podcast: To start building a recording studio from scratch these days and try to make a living…forget it, that’s impossible now. Those days are over.

Roland Benelux – Service & Support Engineer (June 2014 – …)      

Distrubution of Roland and Boss musical instruments in the Benelux

I am providing technical support by telephone and/or E-mail for all Roland and Boss musical instruments from end-users, Roland dealers and official Roland Service Repair Centers in Benelux and France. Technical support means mainly handling user problems, repairs and spareparts. Organizing communication regarding software bugs between Roland Japan / Roland Europe and end-user. I am willing to go for the extra mile to get the best support for our end-user, without trying to lose the fact or realizing who’s paying my bills. And yes, this can be annoying for some…

Roland Central Europe – Service Engineer (July 2010 – June 2014)

Distrubution of Roland and Boss musical instruments in the Benelux and France

My job was repairing the incoming defective devices coming from our dealers and end-users from the Benelux and France. In those days, we repaired and handled the incoming phone calls from our clients by ourselves. Which was not an efficient way of working, if you ask me.

Middle Management (Mar 2014 – Nov 2014)

Home-study course Centrum Voor Afstandsonderwijs

Junior Management Development (Sep 2013 – Dec 2013)

Evening classes at Syntra Limburg

What I have learned is, that there might be too many Managers in business and good Management got nothing to do with controlling or manipulating people but giving trust, responsibility and get your work shipping. People skills are vital if you want to run a recording studio or any other business. I recommend this course because it forced me to take a hard look into the mirror.

Unemployed (March 2009 – July 2010)

This banking collapse in 2008 didn’t treat me well. Lost my job at Amptec Bvba. Obviously, it wasn’t my favourite period in life. Did some jobs here and there to get by and busy and if I may recall a positive element during this period, these we’re the times when my new passion really could flourish: recording and mixing music.

Amptec bvba – Service Engineer (May 2006 – March 2009)

Distribution of various professional Audio & Video products in the Benelux

The first time I had to repair this many and different products like Adam Audio, Yamaha, TC Electronic, Avid, Universal Audio, Waves, Moog, DPA Microphones, Royer Labs and many more. I’ve learned a lot during my time at Amptec and I’m still thankful for all the chances I was given. A great place to work but I was too green behind the ears.

Flashlight/APR – Repair Engineer (Jan 2002 – May 2006)

Providing Sound & Light solutions for Artists, Theatre and Musicals

My first real job after I graduated from High School in 2001. I was repairing, maintaining and preparing all Sound and (mainly) Light equipment needed for all kinds of productions from Studio100, Clouseau, summer festivals, theatre and many more. I learned to deal with preparing and finishing tasks within deadlines because the show must always go on.

ADK Microphones – Sales Agent (June 2005 – July 2006)

Selling ADK Microphones for Flanders and The Netherlands

Am I a great salesman? Probably not, but still, this was a very interesting period where I learned a lot about sales, the customer, the market and that the look of a microphone is more important then you might think. Also very grateful having the chance to work together with JP Gerard, R&D Engineer for ADK Microphones and now the Company Owner of NoHype Audio. This guy knows everything about microphones. Again, working together with him was very educational.

Mint – Guitars (May 1999 – July 2014)

Band from Hasselt playing Pop-Rock-Indie tunes

I saw this ad hanging on the wall at the Muziek-O-droom in Hasselt where I still was studying Electronics at High School. Somehow they didn’t find a better guitar player (really? Haha!) and before I even realised, about 8 months later we we’re playing the finals for the Humo’s Rockrally in 2000. That opened doors and via Luc Van Acker we met a fine Australian producer Peter Crosbie, who produced, recorded and mixed our debut album Echoes From The Engine Room in 2003 – 2004. Follow-up album Magnetism in 2006 was well received with good radio airplay for songs like The Magnetism Of Pure Gold and Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry. This album was recorded and mixed at the Sound Of Music studios in Richmond, VA under the guidance of producer John Morand. We hit the Mainstage at Pukkelpop and rocked many stages in Belgium, Holland and we’re the Support Act for The Charlatans’s tour in Germany. Like any band, we kept playing, recording and releasing albums until the last one in 2014, Glass Lagoon.

Bachelor in Electronics – Hogeschool Limburg, Diepenbeek (1998 – 2001)