9. Update N°5

Painting the rooms…

On the program for the next coming weeks:

  • installation of two doors entrance
  • installation of the floor
  • some more painting – adding color

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8. The Wizard Of Words

I believe the very first song I ever heard from Leonard Cohen was Avalanche from the album Songs Of Love And Hate. This song begins with the following words:

Well I stepped into an avalanche

It covered up my soul

With just two sentences he grabs you by the balls and takes you on a journey filled with compelling lyrics and imagery landscapes.

The strings fade in and out gently while his voice acts like the conductor of the song.

Leonard Cohen is a true wizard who could put a spell on you with his words: You’ll have to shut up, sit down and listen.

I had no choice… I surrendered.

No more stories of Suzanne.

No more paying rent in the Tower Of Song.

No more Hallelujah.

So long, Mr. Cohen!

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You want it darker…Hineni…I’m ready my Lord.

7. Update N°4

Holidays are over. Back to work!

The first layer of Gyproc/Knauf Joint Filler is almost finished.

So the next step will be a layer of Finisher on all walls and ceilings. Then we can start to scrub this layer to get the walls and ceilings ready for at least two layers of paint.

Another important task to do is to close all gaps and holes between walls and floor with Soudal Flexi Foam isolation:

Closing all the holes in walls and ceilings:

And also filling all the gaps in the OSB floor:

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5. Update N°2

The walls are finally ready to be filled with gyproc plates. So many corners…that was ‘struggle rock’…

But first the ceiling: Plagyp Double construction system with antivibration hangers from Vibro, 5cm of Rockwool and finished with OSB plates.

Till next,


4. Updating…

It’s time for a small update.

Sorry for the crappy pics. Sometimes pictures explain better then words. Even the crappy ones.

The first layer of isolation (15cm) is placed. All metal stud walls are almost up. I started placing the isolation into the ceiling. The second batch of isolation will arrive next Wednesday. That will be Rockwool isolation for into the metal stud walls.

Till next,


3. Magnetism

I woke up this morning and I realized: 10 years it’s been.

It’s been 10 years this album got released. Recorded in the wonderful Sound Of Music Studios in Richmond, VA with producer/recordist John Morand.

I only have good memories about making that album. We rehearsed a whole year to be prepared and step on the airplane and take that jump over the ocean. The studio had a big fire a few years back and it’s now located at a different place.

Hearing the songs on the radio is a wonderful feeling and you probably never get used to it. The radio was and maybe still is the most powerful medium to promote your music. Festival and concert promoters take a good listen to the radio and pick their acts  when they get popular.

We played at many great festivals and had a great two years run in 2006 and 2007. Playing at Pukkelpop 2006 was a cool high. We actually made some money to pay for the next coming album Hinterland.

The danger is you make music to fit in the radio’s format. You’ll get music that’s too one-dimensional. You’re losing your edge and forgot what’s it’s all about. We’ve been there, made the mistake. Never forget to make the music you think you should make and never ever settle down with a format.

Till next,


2. A Star Called David

David Jones Bowie…What an artist!

Probably the most complete artist ever known. He was art in music, in fashion, in visuals and had tons of attitude. The right attitude.

Bowie is… art.

I say ‘is’ because his legacy will last for decades. Who knows…

He was exciting and made a promise not to be boring. And he never looked back. Always seeking for the new, whatever that may be.

I was 18 when I saw him live at Werchter in 1996. By the way, just have a look at this bill! His album ‘Outside‘ was released about a year before and I believe ‘Hallo Spaceboy‘ was the first single. I adore his dramatic British ‘hallo spaaaceboyyy‘ pronunciation. Can’t remember much of the concert. 20 years of brain failure…sorry (again)!


It was fascinating to see how Bowie could be mainstream and yet, he had edge.

He defenitely was an outsider but understood the commercial game of the music industry very well.

My favourite Bowie song… there are so many!

I always liked Mick Ronson’s guitar sound. Just have a listen to ‘Cracked Actors‘ from the ‘Alladin Sane‘ album (great sleeve design!). A simple flow of E, F and G chords. That balsy, raw and flamboyant guitar sound really does it, isn’t? It makes you grab the Les Paul and buy a Marshall tower of amps!

Let’s Dance…Heroes…Starman…Changes…China Girl…Rebel Rebel…Fame…Sound and Vision…Under Pressure…Life On Mars…I’m Afraid Of Americans…Ziggy Stardust…Little Wonder…Watch That Man…All The Young Dudes…Let’s Spend The Night Together…The Man Who Sold The World…Suffragette City…The Jean Genie…Ashes To Ashes…Scary Monsters…Boys Keep Swinging…Golden Years…Young Americans…Right…Diamond Dogs…Alladin Sane…Panic In Detroit…Kooks…Andy Warhol…Modern Love…Tonight…Dead Man Walking…I’m Afraid Of Americans…Lazarus…

That’s a fine list full of art…

Let’s try to imagine this: it’s 1969. Five days before Apollo 11 landed on the moon. You turn on the radio and you hear this song for the very first time: ‘Ground control to Major Tom‘…

Indeed… the stars look very different today. Damn!

Till next,


1. Welcome to Stevil Records!

My first post!

As you can see in the pic down under…still a lot of work to do.  The walls are up and the floating floor is installed. Some electricity and signal cables are already present. And now I’m trying to get the website running.

So this blog is a recap of each week. What has happened and how the building of this recording studio proceeds. Just follow this page for updates!

Feel free to add a comment, remark, suggestion, question, etc… Don’t be shy!

For more info, send me a mail here.

Have a great 2016,